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About us

Generación Climática is a consulting company with a strong social and environmental purpose.

Our history and our TEAM

Actualmente, GC es un equipo de trabajo global. Cuenta con una red de profesionales adscritos e instituciones asociadas y desarrolla labores de formación, desarrollo de proyectos y consultoría.

What unites the people who are part of GC is the passion for what we do. We are driven by transforming cities through projects, creating new channels for communities and minorities to have their say, showing that there are new ways of thinking about challenges, and sending a message of hope in the face of the uncertainty of climate change.


Our mission

Build more prosperous, sustainable and resilient communities and accelerate the ecological transition in a systemic way, involving the community and promoting synergies among all its stakeholders

Our vision

To be a reference organization in taking action in the face of climate change, with projects and systemic actions that have a positive impact on a large scale, improving the environmental and social conditions of communities, especially the most vulnerable ones.

Our values



We are a global team where different professions coexist with diverse cultures, nationalities and perspectives. The well-being of the team guarantees our results, which is why we work in an environment of harmony, respect and equality


We select our projects and clients according to our values and the real possibilities of taking on the challenge to guarantee the quality of each product

We are Warm

In each product we place the human person at the center, both those who will be affected by the project (stakeholders, communities, customers) and those who work on it (our team)

You can't spend a single day on Earth without having an impact on the world. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.

“Jane Goodall”