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A sustainable world is only to be attained by sharing and building knowledge. The communications approach us and offer us the possibility of extending the boundaries of our classrooms, generate more content than ever before, and direccionarlos to transform

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Connect with students and teachers from all over the world! We offer you a platform that will allow you to expand your audience and access new content and resources completely free of charge. Sustainability is our common denominator - welcome!

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Of the respondents who are taking an online course  you have less than 40 years


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They are less concerned about the price that the content and the quality of the teachers


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They think that the  virtual education it works just as well or better than traditional education

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Sustainability is a horizon only achievable through training and awareness-raising. The Sustainable Development goals are achievable when there are leaders who are committed and trained

Through our platform you can offer your content, classes, material and resources. You'll find no other institutions of different sectors to open up new opportunities and introduce your educational work

Education in times of climate change

Education has been traditionally an instrument to facilitate the adaptation of individuals and societies to the changing circumstances of the world in which we live. Faced with the formidable challenge of the CLIMATE CHANGE question: are you playing the educational system that strategic role of adaptive mechanism?

Education should look for a new space in which not only provide knowledge, but will also feed the RESPONSIBILITY and under this perspective, it is necessary to rethink what we know about climate change.

Skills systems thinking

Aristóteles escribió: “El todo es algo aparte de las partes”. 

No education system is aims to teach reductionism, however, is to a greater or lesser extent, a result that pops up. How could education help students to understand the complexity of the systems that surround us? How can the education to better equip them to recognize and respond appropriately to the inherent complexity of environmental problems, the epidemics, the challenges of social networks, the conflicts multilevel, lack of food security for many, the financial crisis?

The boys are starting school, when they graduate will work in jobs that do not currently exist.

Continuous training is an obligation for all, at all ages and educational levels.

Facilitate networking among diverse sectors and complementary to generate content to better prepare ourselves to a world that is ever-changing and fast-paced

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