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Local governments are the agents of change. Climate change imposes an agenda for management and it is necessary to work as a network to face it


to LEAD sustainability


Strategies, best practices, contacts, training, programs and funding opportunities - fighting climate change and managing a green city is possible!

Participatory processes

Roadmap for sustainability

Public procurement ecological and innovative

Workshop series reconnecting with nature

Impulse to action

Consulting projects


who SHARE your path


La red Internacional de Gobiernos Locales por la Sostenibilidad- RIGLOS es un espacio de acción, formación e intercambio.

Este espacio ya cuenta con numerosos gobiernos de diversas localidades para promover sinergias y aumentar su impacto. Es completamente gratuito. Si te interesa formar parte, escríbenos por el formulario de contacto

opens the way to green innovation


Lead the transition

Many cities are moving towards carbon neutrality by 2030. Take up the challenge. The change of model is not only possible, it is necessary to preserve our health and that of the environment. We can accompany you on this path

Local sustainable development

Bioeconomy, circular economy are new business opportunities that can revitalize your territory. The ecological transition involves attracting investment and talent in full harmony with the environment without leaving anyone behind.

Resilient territories

Cities, towns and communities that need to adapt to climate change and mitigate its effects. Learn about opportunities to transform your city to improve the quality of life for people and the natural environment.


that make a DIFFERENCE

The future is green. Anticipate and deploy the potential of your city to become an example of sustainability

This network will allow you to get in touch with mayors, entrepreneurs, NGOs, public and private organizations committed to climate change

3,000 million trees

“La PANDEMIC  is raising awareness of the links between our own health and that of ecosystems" and that the risk of "the emergence and spread of infectious diseases increases as nature is destroyed". Among the  STRATEGIES are the planting of three billion trees, the reduction of pesticides by 50%, reversing the loss of pollinators, increasing organic farming to reach 25% of total agricultural land and increasing the protection of marine areas. All this, in a scenario of using renewable energies and reducing emissions. We are committed to the local scale as preferential implementers.


Everything that is measured is improved. There are numerous free platforms through which you can start measuring your city's emissions. Undoubtedly, these tools will help you to focus your  MANAGEMENT OBJECTIVES and will allow you to know the baseline from which to plan your STRATEGY.

According to the scale and possibilities of your municipality, shaping a sustainability strategy with a  VISION  to 2030 will determine the work axes, the strategic opportunities and the most dynamic sectors to exploit. Discover the potential and turn it into reality.

Local governments face enormous management challenges. With scarce resources and constant demands, they often do not have the necessary tools to plan their territory and design a development strategy. This is why we created this space, to democratize information, advice and experiences and to build positive synergies around the fight against climate change.

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