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In an interconnected and highly dependent world, the greatest challenges cannot be met in isolation.


to EXPAND your impact

Differentiates your brand, offering high standards of social and environmental impact. Train your teams. Become an instrument for sustainability action


Roadmap for sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility

Public procurement ecological and innovative

Nature Team Building

Consulting projects

Circular design

Workshop series reconnecting with nature

A New Trend



Of global consumers buy or boicotearían a mark for his commitment 1


Consumer Green

Of the consumers millennials choose brands that have an active role in the society 2



Of consumers want companies take action and make the world a better place 3

1. Suzanne Kapner, Dante Chinni (2019) Are Your Jeans Red or Blue? Shopping America's Partisan Divide. The Wall Street Journal

2. Cone/ Porter Novelli (2018) Purpose Study: How to Build Deeper Bonds, Amplify your Message and Expand the Consumer Base

3. Eidelman (2016) Endelman Trust Barometer


to grow with IMPACT

World leaders are inclined to strategies of positive social and environmental impact. The main consultants and magazines in the business sector as well as demonstrate

Sign up initiatives, collaborate, contact, spreads. I know part of the organizations with high standards of sustainability and positive social and environmental impact

The Power of the Companies of Impact

The data that support the theory that the IMPACT it is good for business are overwhelmingly strong. The trend can be observed at a general level among consumers around the world, but it speeds up regularly between Millennials and Gen-Z (born 1995-2015). According to Fuse Marketing after hearing that a brand supports a SOCIAL CAUSE or SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLEthese consumers are 85% more likely to rely on it, an 84% more likely to BUY THEIR PRODUCTS and 82% of likely to recommend that brand to their friends and family.

Impacts on the Commitment of your Team

Workers can easily desmotivarse if you do not understand or do not feel that they are contributing to the environment in which they live, especially the new generations.

However, those who believe that they are working for something bigger and more important than they are, often, the most PRODUCTIVE and COMMITTED.

It is essential to give your team the opportunity to use their skills to IMPACT in your environment, open the way towards a more meaningful and direct relationship with the community.

The COVID-19 marked the people. We are not the same. We are facing a change of paradigm in which the distances are shortened, and the problems are shared and the solutions that transcend borders and social sectors. Companies have the opportunity to take a lead role and get involved like never before in the environment. It is time to become instruments of change.

Generation Climate