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If you are passionate about and engage your projects seek to provide solutions to the probleáticas social and environmental, 're in the right place


who MOBILIZES your capabilities

¡Cuéntanos tu proyecto! En este espacio podrás ponerte en contacto con referentes de todo el mundo en sostenibilidad y emprendimiento verde, recibir feedback de tus ideas y acceder a oportunidades de formación y financiamiento para hacerlos realidad

Workshop series reconnecting with nature

opens the way to green innovation

Undertaken with a purpose

Many cities are moving towards nutralidad of carbon in 2030. The new green economy wakes up opportunities in the management and the generation of employment

Know the potential of the circular economy

The green economy is an opportunity to develop new business, attract investment, enhance the added value at the origin, and to promote the sustainable development


Became your city in pioneer

Cities are the unit of change. The trend towards a circular economy is imminent. Sumá your city and liderá the development of the green economy in your region.


to make the DIFFERENCE

The future is green. To achieve it we need ideas like yours, people who will encourage more and choosing the path of entrepreneurship

Start your own business is the most powerful way to change the world and fight climate change. With the support of this network, you'll be able to turn it into reality

The Power of the Companies of Impact

The data that support the theory that the IMPACT it is good for business are overwhelmingly strong. The trend can be observed at a general level among consumers around the world, but it speeds up regularly between Millennials and Gen-Z (born 1995-2015). According to Fuse Marketing after hearing that a brand supports a SOCIAL CAUSE or SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLEthese consumers are 85% more likely to rely on it, an 84% more likely to BUY THEIR PRODUCTS and 82% of likely to recommend that brand to their friends and family.

Impacts on the Commitment of your Team

Workers can easily desmotivarse if you do not understand or do not feel that they are contributing to the environment in which they live, especially the new generations.

However, those who believe that they are working for something bigger and more important than they are, often, the most PRODUCTIVE and COMMITTED.

It is essential to give your team the opportunity to use their skills to IMPACT in your environment, open the way towards a more meaningful and direct relationship with the community.

Cambiar el mundo solo es posible ¡si se cree que es posible! El día a día de un emprendedor tiene un poco de locura y mucha pasión. Son aquellos que prefieren pedir “perdón” a pedir “permiso” a la hora de pasar a la acción. We believe in these people. That's why we want to join you in this journey to grow big and fight climate change

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