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Every day we face a different world. Does anyone suspected that would happen-nearly half of 2020 without taking a plane, to go to his office, to attend to your educational institution or visit their relatives?

Our world is moving much faster than that of our parents. The curve of adoption of new technologies is one of the main causes. For example, the radio took 38 years to reach 50 million users, computers, or computers 16, TV 13 years, internet 4 and Tick Tock adds users to a rate of 800 million per month.

This exponential rate of development has filled us of immediacy; it all happens fast, the results should be short-term and otherwise, the interest is lost. Looks in our working life, loving, in the projects that we face, in politics, in the way that we consume from food to information...

This makes us think that we move into an era of rapid change, ongoing challenges, and great social and environmental problems how Many people are encouraged to engage in the quarantine? How to have the extra time will be encouraged to develop something different? How many news you got from the new developments which help to tackle the COVID-19?

The speed at which they fall changes are amazing, so much as the capacity of resilience of our generation, however, we are not so few people that we question if the northern you're going so fast it is to the suitable...

Every enterprise seeks to create wealth. But what do we mean by wealth? or, better said, what kind of wealth is created?

That is where the crux of the issue: how the rich are gains on sales? What wealth is equality of opportunity? What wealth is a healthy environment? What wealth is the eradication of hunger?

The kind of wealth will determine the direction that we want to carry and the future that we will have.

In Generation Climate, we believe that people who engage are the secret weapon of humanity to combat climate change. Open minds, who dare to think beyond and embrace the great social and environmental problems, to give an answer since the creation of shared value.

In this sense, we will refer green entrepreneurship, those who develop products or services that respond to social problems and environmental and create business models that can maximize the positive impact of environmental and social along with profitability.

The substantial difference of the green endeavors is the possibility of having workable solutions and scalable. To be economically sustainable, can be kept over time, replicating and growing and that ensures its continuity.

This great, creative impulse is bound and complete to the struggle of the non-profit organizations that develop a work colossal to stop climate change and mitigate its effects.

The great paradox of the matter is that there are green endeavors they do not know that they are. It seems unlikely, but in truth there are projects whose lens is set to reduce costs, increase efficiency, but that have amazing effects, saving energy, natural resources and emissions-CO2. For example, an application of carpooling (shared vehicles) or that offer rental of tools or machinery. Perhaps they are focused on solving a need to move or dispose of a drill, for example) at a lower cost, however, have positive externalities by reducing emissions CO2 product discourage the consumption, to promote the reuse and performance.

For all this and much more from Generation Climate we create this space for green endeavors. We are facing a historical moment in which the society will become aware of the importance of creating shared value. Today, more than ever, we are witnessing that it is possible to develop companies whose business model includes social and environmental benefits. And not only is it possible, but that is a lawsuit, each time more demanding on the part of consumers and investors

Do you have a business idea and green? would you like to know more about it?

Let us know.

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