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How and why to incorporate the SDGS into your business

The private sector is the sector more dynamic and reactive to changes in the environment; innovation is born on the company and moved to the society. 

As you can see, our world is increasingly interconnected and has become completely interdependent. Therefore, the most important challenges cannot be achieved in isolation. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) are a call to the cooperation of all sectors, and across nations, ages and professions to drive the action.

To promote the SDGS in the private sector does not mean that the companies have to set aside their business needs. The private sector has the opportunity to play a leading role in the society. Sustainability and the deep commitment to values such as honesty, transparency, solidarity, ethics are a demand of the consumers and investors towards the brands.  

From Generation Climate, we believe that we are in a moment hinge. Companies have the opportunity to incorporate the SDGS and to strengthen its commitment to sustainability. Only those that start this way are to be the leaders of tomorrow, they may be able to capitalise on new business opportunities, increase your visibility, differentiate their brand, increase their standards of performance, to attract investment, customers and talent.

What can business leaders to move forward on this path?

  1. Commit 

The superficial commitment is one of the main ghosts or obstacles to sustainability at the corporate level. How we make reality real commitment? We recommend you start treating the issue in your team meetings. Gradually you'll be able to incorporate the synergy of the objectives ODS with your projects as a company. Can be in addition to, together with your team, get involved in projects at the national or international impact and participate in events to share knowledge and discover practical inspiring. 

  1. Focus

As we have already seen, the thematic development can be complex. To understand the 17 goals and 169 targets that make up the SDGS can become an eternal mission and impossible. What can we do? Simplify and reduce. A strategy is too broad is going to limit the impact of your efforts. In this sense, we recommend you identify and prioritize the SDGS that are more aligned with the strategy and operations of the company. Therefore you can start with 3 of them. This in no way means that they do not incorporate the other, but on a scale of priorities, you will achieve a better impact with a correct focus. 

  1. Capacítate 

Don't worry if you are not familiar with the concepts of development, especially if all of your professional career was based in the business. However, business and sustainability since they are not subjects antagonistic... and there's nothing worse than leaders desinformad@s ¿no?

Hire a team or form a sustainability department does not guarantee the mission. The sustainability of your company can not develop in isolation, it is a challenge that all the people who are part bear. The training and increase the personal effort of each member, is a must that will ensure success.

  1. Incorporates the responsibility on your strategy

The SDGS should be integrated in the strategies and traverse the purpose of the company. This will promote a closer relationship with customers, team and the environment in which the company serves. How do we do that? Through the creating shared value, that is to say that the actions or products of the company are focused on solving social problems in a cost effective manner. In this link you can get to know companies that make up the network Generation Climate and develop products that create shared value.

Another way is to make the business practices, including operations and supply chains, be more sustainable. This could mean the implementation of policies such as equal pay, the commitment to reduce travel, incorporate supply of renewable energy sources, development of a plan of waste reduction and recycling, among others. 

  1. I included your entire team

Create a culture of responsibility of the business for the SDGS and align the business strategy for the company's central to sustainability is one of the papers most important of l@s corporate leaders

Calls on all the areas to establish the sustainability objectives of the company, promotes seminars where employees can learn about the SDGS. Dare to implement volunteer programs and provides incentives to reduce the carbon footprint in the day to day operations (reduce car trips and plane, to reduce the use of paper, plastic, energy, among others).

  1. I built partnerships

Before a context agitated, volatile, and dynamic decisions must be made each time faster and effective. A way to be successful is building networks of shared work. Partnerships where the expertise of all parties, whether in the public sector, private sector, Ngos, and educational institutions. From Generation Climate, we want to encourage you to partner with organizations that have local expertise, to complement the capabilities of your company. Knows how.

  1. Measures and communicates the impact

As everything that happens in the organization, the actions of sustainability must also be observed to be able to monitor their progress and impact. Inclior the SDGS in your company must be made by means of actions are clear, measurable. From Generation Climate we can help you to draw the metrics of sustainability performance based on KPIS so that they can be aware of the changes generated and the benefits they bring.

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