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Buenos Aires receives the summit of the C40 to combat climate change

Between the 19 and October 21 of this year it will be the Global summit of Mayors of C40 in the City of Buenos Aires, where more than 40 mayors of different cities in the world, recognized experts and various actors of civil society, in order to treat the subject of climate change, its effects and the role of governments in the fight for it.

We will discuss topics such as the cities of well-being, the economy and the green financing, among other issues of relevance to environmental, in addition to progress could be made on a consensus to finance urban projects in this struggle.

This summit seeks to find collective solutions to combat the climate crisis because he understands the role of the cities in the design of initiatives for a more sustainable future.

Source: Buenos Aires City (https://www.buenosaires.gob.ar/noticias/buenos-aires-sera-la-sede-de-la-cumbre-global-de-alcaldes-de-c40)

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